Iurii Borysov Criminal Law

Objective Of Criminal Code


The objective of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

is to provide legal protection of the rights and liberties of the human being and citizen, property, public order and public safety, the environment, and the constitutional order of Ukraine against criminal encroachments, to secure peace and safety of mankind, and also to prevent crime. To this aim, the Criminal Code defines which socially dangerous acts or omissions count as offenses, and which punishments are to be imposed upon persons who commit them.

criminal procedure are the protection of individuals, society and the state from criminal offence, the protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of participants in criminal proceedings, as well as the insurance of quick, comprehensive and impartial investigation and trial in order that everyone who committed a criminal offence were prosecuted in proportion to his guilt, no one innocent were accused or convicted, and no one were subjected to ungrounded procedural compulsion and that an appropriate legal procedure applied to each party to criminal proceedings.

Here is What Borysov Say’s about Code’s principal terms

Close relatives and family members are: husband, wife, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, (whole) brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, greatgrandmother, grandson, granddaughter, great grandson, great granddaughter, adopter or adopted, tutor or custodian, a person subjected to guardianship or caretaking or as well as individuals who cohabitate, are connected by common life and have mutual rights and duties, including individuals who cohabitate but are not married.

President Judge is a professional judge who presides over a trial by several judges (panel) or conducts it alone.

State accusation is a procedural activity of a public prosecutor that consists in proving accusation before court with the purpose of ensuring prosecution of a person who committed a criminal offence.

Inquiry is a form of pre-trial investigation where criminal misdemeanors are investigated.

Pre-trial investigation is a stage in criminal proceedings which begins from the moment information on a criminal offence is entered in the Integrated Register of Pre-trial Investigations and ends with closure of the criminal proceedings or with submission to court of an indictment, a motion on enforcement of compulsory medical or educational measures, a motion on discharge of the person from criminal liability

Pre-trial investigation is a form of investigating judicial scrutiny where crimes are investigated the Law of Ukraine on criminal liability is legislative acts of Ukraine that establish criminal liability (the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine on criminal misdemeanors.

Head of a pre-trial investigation agency is the Head of the Chief Investigation Department, that of an investigation office, division, branch of a body of internal affairs, a security agency, the agency supervising compliance with the tax legislation, of a Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigations’ unit and their deputies acting within the scope of their powers. Head of a prosecutor’s office is the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine, public prosecutors of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblasts, the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, inter-district public prosecutors, city and district public prosecutors and those granted the same status, and deputies of same, acting within their competence.

Criminal proceedings is pre-trial investigation and court proceedings, procedural actions in connection with commission of an action specified in Ukrainian law on criminal liability.

Minor is a child prior to attaining the age of fourteen.

Underage person is a minor and also a child aged between fourteen and eighteen.

Accusation is a statement on commission by a certain person of an action specified in Ukrainian law on criminal liability filed in accordance with the procedure established by the present Code Said Iurii Borysov

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